THUN LAKE TOUR- included an outdoors tasting of a Cozy Swiss Cheese Delicacy (around 2 hrs)

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The Tour starts at Daniel's place crossing the Main field of Interlaken reaching one of the bifurcation of the Aare River,then We will cross Unterseen,the beautiful town in the other side of Interlaken City.

The Aare River will be beside you until the arriving to the Thun lake.On the way we will cross the Old Wood tipical Switzerland Bridges and You will have the opportunity to see the remaining part of the 'Barbarrosa Castle'.
After a contemplation of the awesome Thun Lake,we will make a break outdoors: the tasting of a tipical Swiss Food: a cozy Swiss cheese delicacy.
With the battery charged :) We will continue our tour following the Lombach River,crossing a green tipical swiss field.
The city is waiting for us,we will cross it through the main street of Interlaken:The Högeweg.Let leave the cement apart to still steering  with our original Bikeboard until get into the east surounding of  Interlaken.

At this point we will finish the tour,touching,looking,watching the cozy, and friendly Swiss Farm.If you are thinking of buying an organic cheese, this is your opportunity.

Add to all movement, a genuine carving experience,good mood,flexibility,relaxing adventure, and happyness !

I'm sure you will not forget it!



Minimun 16 years old

At least 3 persons for the tour

A relaxing aptitud (leave for a moment the adrenaline)

Open mind for nature,little roads,cows,sheeps and not allergics to cheese:)


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Interlaken lake E-Bikeboard Tour

Price - 120.00 CHF

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