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Terms & Conditions

Quad Touren Schweiz

Rental-Agreement – Terms & Conditions

For all deliveries and services, our Business Terms and Conditions apply.
If you sent a final order, this is authentic.

We do not provide customer information to third parties,
except to the police for any misconduct/negligence by the customer.

The data required for the transaction will be treated confidentially!
Credit card details are not stored with us.

Renting Conditions:
Minimum age 18, valid national or international driving licence.

Liability and insurance – Accidents and breakdown: Daniel’s has to be informed immediately and the Renter is responsible for the payment of a full day of rental of the vehicle plus the cost of refill the vehicle with fuel. The Renter is liable for any damages. The Renter is also liable for theft.

Liability insurance Collision with third parties: Deductable (for any rented vehicle) is debited to the Renter up to a maximum amount of SFr. 1’500.00. Daniel’s is not liable for any expenses resulting from accidents such as hospital costs, medical treatments, etc. for the Renter or for others.

Towing, caused by any reasons, will cost the Renter SFr. 100.00 per 10km, 200.00 per 20km of distance from Daniel’s Shop.

Insurance for persons and passengers : Renter is responsible. Daniel’s is not liable.

Accidents and theft caused by the tenant – Damage to the rental object: Deductable (for all vehicles) is debited to the Renter up to a max. amount of SFr. 2’500.00. Daniel’s is not liable for any expenses resulting from accidents such as hospital costs, medical treatments, etc., neither for the Renter or for others.

Mechanical defects on the vehicle: the Renter is not liable for mechanical defects on the vehicle by reason of wear and tear, except damaging on purpose or wrong handling of the vehicle. In case of disagreement Renter is responsible to get a professional mechanic for a second opinion, on his own cost.

Not insured and not allowed is driving on highways (except for motorcycles 750 cc). Cause excessive noise, especially after 9 pm. Rides outside Switzerland, rides without valid driving licence, consumption of alcohol/drugs/medication is not allowed. The Renter is not allowed to leave the rental object to a third party => Passengers are not insured.

Renting of a vehicle is at your own risk:
– Do not drive on g r e e n signalized roads (highways)!!!
– Seatbelts have to be worn at all times (Funcars) !!!
– Helmets have to be worn at all times while driving the vehicle (except Funcars) !!!
– Only drive on assigned roads – no off road trips => OFFROAD PENALTY !!!

Daniel’s is not responsible or liable for any trouble with the police by not obeying SWISS LAW!!! If the Renter is breaking the Swiss road law, or for wrong handling of the vehicle (losing control of the vehicle by speeding or by going over the vehicle limits), no insurance made with Daniel’s will cover any costs. Any Damage not reported to Daniel will be charge extra 50 sfr plus repair cost.

Termination of the contract
The rental contract is terminated immediately without forewarning by Daniel’s :
– if the Renter makes false specifications.
– if the Renter is in default or bankrupt (not valid or uncovered credit card)

Upon termination of the rental contract, the Renter is committed to the immediate return of the vehicle. Beyond that, Daniel’s has the right to take possession of the vehicle, even if it is on private grounds. Extra costs are debited to the Renter. Hidden and not reported damages on the rental object or properties of a third party will be charged to the deposed credit card.

Vehicles are rented out with a full tank of fuel. The Renter is responsible for refuelling the vehicle before returning it to Daniel’s. If the vehicle has not been refuelled, Daniel’s reserves the right to charge the sum of SFr. 10.00 for Scooters, SFr. 15.00 for ATV’s & funcars and SFr. 20.00 for Motorcycles.

This agreement and any other legal relationship (e.g. the rental contract) between Daniel’s and the participant are subject to Swiss Law exclusively. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Interlaken, Switzerland. I acknowledge good condition of the vehicle at hand over.

With the payment of the rentalcosts, I agree the rentalagreement – terms & conditions, I also acknowledge that the specifications I made above are true and correct and I confirm having a valid driving licence.